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Form 1 Articles of Incorporation Form 1
Instructions - Form 1
Form 1A Articles of Incorporation - Multi -Stakeholder Cooperatives Form 1A
Form 3 Consent to Act as a First Director Form 3
Form 4 Articles of Amendment Form 4
Form 5 Restated Articles of Incorporation Form 5
Form 5A Restated Articles of Incorporation - Multi -Stakeholder Cooperatives Form 5A
Form 7 Articles of Amalgamation Form 7
Form 7A Articles of Amalgamation - Multi -Stakeholder Cooperatives Form 7A
Form 9 Articles of Arrangement Form 9
Form 10 Articles of Continuance Form 10
Form 10A Articles of Continuance - Multi -Stakeholder Cooperatives Form 10A
Form 12 Articles of Reorganization Form 12
Form 13 Articles of Revival Form 13
Form 14 Statement of Intent to Dissolve or Revocation of Intent to Dissolve Form 14
Form 15 Articles of Dissolution Form 15
Form 16 Certificate of Discontinuance Form 16
Form 17 Certificate of Dissolution Form 17
Form 18 Notice of Unanimous Agreement Form 18
Form 19 Notice of Appeal/Housing Cooperatives Form 19
Form 20 Notice of Change of Registered Office Form 20
Form 21 Notice of Change of Directors Form 21
Form 22 - Each year, the Annual Return form is sent to all cooperatives about 6 weeks prior the filing deadline.
Form 23 Offering Statement Receipt Form 23
Form 24 Receipt for a Statement of Change in Facts Form 24
Form 25 Notice of Registered Office Form 25