Credit Unions


The following fees are payable under the Credit Unions and Caisses Populaires Act and include the cost of notices that the Registrar must publish in The Manitoba Gazette:

a) on issuance by the Registrar of a certificate of:
i. incorporation of a credit union
ii. amendment of articles, other than an amendment correcting a clerical error
iii. amendment of articles correcting a clerical error
iv. restated articles
v. amalgamation
vi. articles of reorganization
vii. revival of a credit union
viii. intent to dissolve or revocation of intent to dissolve
ix. dissolution
b) for approval of by-laws or amendment, repeal or replacement of by-laws $25.00
c) for filing a notice $5.00
d) for filing an annual return $50.00
e) for late filing of an annual return, for each day after the date the annual return is due to be filed (maximum total $125 per return) $1.00
f) for a request to reserve one name $30.00
g) for a search by mail of documents filed by a credit union $5.00
h) for an order of the registrar $135.00
i) for a certificate of status $20.00
j) for a certified or photo copy of  
i. articles
ii. any document not otherwise provided for in this subsection,
for first page
    B. for each additional page

k) for limited registration of an extra-provincial credit union $250.00
l) for filing an offering statement  $500.00
m) for filing a statement of change in facts $100.00